Robert A. Hefner III’s “The Grand Energy Transition” describes a totally new way to think about our past, present and future energy use. Hefner divides all energy sources into solids, liquids and gases and shows how, as civilization has progressed, our energy sources have evolved from a past of unsustainable dirty solid energy, to our present liquid transition, into our future of sustainable virtually limitless gaseous energy. This compelling theory shows how natural gas is the bridge fuel to sustainable life and growth on earth.

Along with such luminaries as Harvard’s Graham Allison, former cabinet members John Deutch and James Schlesinger, business leaders Aubrey McClendon, T. Boone Pickens and Ted Turner, Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Robert Anthony, former Oklahoma governor David Walters and many others, Hefner takes a hard look at our energy options and shows how we can transition to a sustainable energy future.

Viewers are sure to be inspired by Hefner’s journey from the oil and gas fields of Oklahoma through the halls of Congress to provide America with a clean, affordable fuel, energy independence and economic growth through the increasing use of domestic natural gas. The film reveals how natural gas is fueling America’s economic recovery by reducing our energy costs – helping to propel the American economy forward, and even beginning to power an American industrial renaissance. And, remember that sustainable energy must not only be environmentally sustainable, but also economically and fiscally sustainable.


“America needs a clear federal energy policy that facilitates the replacement of both dirty coal in power generation and foreign oil in transportation with domestic natural gas, so we can clean our environment, stop sending trillions of dollars to foreign oil producers, and use those dollars at home to create jobs and grow our economy.”
                                – Robert A. Hefner III